2017 Honduras June Obraje Team, Day 4

The day started bright and early, as usual. We were up and out of the hotel by 6:45, fed by Carlos around 7:30, and to El Obraje close to 8. We mixed about 4 batches of concrete to fill the floor for a 16 sq foot house. While there was plenty of worked being done, we sure didn’t run short on the jokes and friendly competitions. We finished the floor extremely quickly, and were rewarded with each person receiving a coconut. We stayed around and laughed and talked with the family for a while before heading back to the Pastor’s House for a glorious feast of PB&Js and tiny Honduran bananas.

 The overall most challenging, but definitely the most rewarding part of our day was teaching the children of El Obraje the glorious sport of Volleyball. We lined them up and played a scrimmage of 6v6. We had a great time being able to walk around and help the children when they needed it. The sixth grade team got the gist of the game and was able to pick it up very easily without much help. The fifth grades… not so much, they needed a little extra “push” in the right direction (or a slight nudge to show them where they needed to rotate to). But sadly, the afternoon was cut short by a thunder storm, and we had to call a draw on the volleyball game.

 By Genevieve

This morning while our team was at the family’s house and we were working on the floor, I was chatting with Pastor Alejandro. He shared with me that the floor that we did today and the one we will do tomorrow belong to two sisters. They are quite new at the church. He said that although they are new, he had discerned through prayer that they were to be the ones to receive the floors. He said that it is important to put faith into action. It made me remember when I was new at RezDT and people were so kind and welcoming to me. They fed my body and my spirit. I mentioned the verse from James “Faith without works is dead.” After I was able to figure out from the help of the translators that James in Spanish is Santiago, (Who knew?), he realized immediately what I was trying to say. He proclaimed “Fe sin obras esta muerto!”


This afternoon we were blessed to be able to take part in the second day of the Women’s Spiritual Gifts Seminar. There were woman from not only El Obraje, but also Danli and other areas. Yesterday the women received Bible teaching from Mama Rosita and Pastor Patrick. Today we sat in a big circle and talked about the Spiritual Gifts that God has bestowed on each one of us. Next we broke up into small groups and the women took the quiz to determine what were their Spiritual Gifts. After they finished the quiz we scored it for them and explained to them what their gifts meant. As I was leading a small group I was scoring the quizzes. I have to say that a lot them had Faith as one of their gifts. This does not surprise me. Being around these women I am so impressed by their Faith in God. It is quite evident indeed. In closing we held hands in prayer and each woman in the circle prayed. Each one prayed very lengthy prayers. Although I didn’t quite understand everything that was said I understood most of it, but more importantly the intention was clear and I could feel that these were some mighty and powerful prayers being said. I felt so blessed to be a part of their prayer circle. It was amazing!

 By Anne

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