2017 Honduras Obraje June Team, Day 5

We all needed an extra cup of coffee this morning. Halfway through the week, and this was the first morning we felt tired, but that feeling did not last long. Upon arrival at Pastor Alejandro’s home, we walked to our next work site. The woman was one in our women’s ministry the day before, and was pleased that we remembered her and her family. It was a joy to serve someone we already had a connection with and her face gleamed as she watched us lay the cement floor in her home.

 We invited Augestine and Orlando, the floor contractor and his apprentice, to share lunch with us at Pastor Alejandro’s home. They happily joined. After lunch they stopped by a woman’s home, Kathy, and delivered to us a batch of lemongrass tea and corn donuts she made. It was a delicious treat.

 In the afternoon we were able to visit the homes of two church members in El Obraje. There, we prayed and rejoiced in song, sharing blessings with one another. Even though the prayers and songs were in Spanish (some of it translated for us), you could truly feel the Holy Spirit in the place. The second home, which we laid floors in on Monday, belonged to Orlando and Maria. The floors were beautiful: yellow and blue. The family expressed their great gratitude for our acts of service, sharing cookies with us before we left.

 We made it though the day feeling energized and ready to see what tomorrow’s work will have in store for us. We hope to see all the families again tomorrow to say goodbye.

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