2017 Honduras Ciudad Espana June Team, Day 7

We started today with our normal trip into Ciudad Espana. On the ride in, the conversation turned to kid and parent’s relationships. What’s so great about our team is that we are multi-generational and we were able to have a conversation that includes perspectives from both sides.

When we arrived at the school, the tools and direction were not readily available. It is not always obvious how we can serve and sometime you have to step back and wait for the answers and know that you will find a way to accomplish your task.  It also seems the team has been plagued off and on with not feeling well and today was no exception. This is a trial we have endured and everyone has done what they could.  I am reminded that God does not expect perfection.


Today we painted the sanctuary with local volunteers.  For lunch our team and the local families that served with us were treated to the most delicious chicken and rice served on beautifully tableclothed tables. The ladies no doubt spent hours preparing for us and we were grateful.  I wasn’t sure what a mission trip was supposed to be.  I knew it was “teaching English and construction” but I didn’t know how I was going to live ” I am no longer my own, but yours”.  I now know it is my own reflection of Leslie’s wonderful smile or an impromptu “Days of the Week” song with Otto. It is rocking Fanny’s baby to sleep and putting fun temporary tattoos on the arms of children and adults alike.  It is playing with the children on the playground. It is digging out rocks and tipping wheelbarrows over. It is starting the week with strangers and ending it with family.

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