We arrived at the Port au Prince airport, found our luggage with no issues, and exited the airport to an overwhelming sea of Haitians waiting for family, friends and other arrivals. Many Haitians spend time outside of the airport  looking to help people with their luggage or to give rides in order to make their living, so you can imagine how many people were wanting to help us.  We found our friend Jackson that we had planned on meeting who then showed us to the vehicle that would take us to Petionville where we would staying that night.

The sights we were able to take in on the way to the guest house were far beyond what one could expect before having been to a country like Haiti.  The driving style alone of the Haitians is even something to get used to- let’s just say that there are lanes but they don’t really use them, speed limit is relative, and the bigger the vehicle the more power on the road. But with all the differences between what Kansas is like and Haiti, the people at the guest house welcomed us with open arms and many were familiar faces to some of us from past trips.  They prepared a beautiful meal for us and bedrooms as well. We enjoyed some spaghetti, had our devotions and turned in early – our minds on the great adventure tomorrow, an 8 hour drive to Jeremie and our work site in Bonbon.