A spicy start to the day with some Haitian peanut butter, pancakes, hardboiled eggs, and bananas. We were loaded and off to Bonbon by 6:30am, but we made a few stops along the way. As we left the city we saw again many things we weren’t used to, like piles of garbage in the street and people carrying heavy items atop their head.

We stopped by a school that Resurrection has helped repair before to see the children and to deliver some toys for the teachers to distribute at a later time. The children were so friendly, they ran up to us to say hi and gave us hugs. It was a very heartwarming experience. We made our best attempt to talk to them in their language of Creole, to ask their names and how they were doing. They would giggle each time we messed up a phrase but loved it when we got one right!

We continued on with our journey and delivered a shirt at Pastor Admirable’s home that some of us had worked with before. A few hours later we stopped for lunch at a fast-food-like restaurant. When we were back on the road it was time to start really heading through the mountains. As we went through them we found that really only part of the road could be considered a justifiable road. To say the least, it was a very bumpy ride. But, there is no diminishing the beauty of God’s creation here in Haiti. All the switchbacks allowed us to see over the mountains to miles of gorgeous greenery. In Bonbon we were able to scout out our worksite and had a delicious meal made by the Haitians living there. On our way out we watched the sunset behind us as we made our trip back to Jeremie, forty minutes from our work site. We’re looking forward to starting our work and meeting the local Haitians we will be working with.

This is a picture taken by Scott, one of the team members, while traveling across the lower half of Haiti.  They departed from Port-au-Prince early in the morning (located beyond the right side of this picture) and were about halfway to Bonbon (far left).