After a great night of sleep thanks to a few rain showers, we had another amazing breakfast filled with oatmeal, papaya, and fresh pineapple. When we got to the worksite, we immediately got our hands dirty by sifting more rocks and sand for the concrete, moving cinder blocks, and loading up concrete. The concrete making was left to the Haitians as it is an incredibly tough job, and we were amazed at their work ethic and strength. One of our drivers even lent us his Bluetooth speaker for the morning so we were able to work while listening to music, the Haitians even did a little dancing with us!

We then had another delicious lunch prepared by the women onsite, that included more conch, fresh pikliz, pineapple, breadfruit, and omelet’s.  For the afternoon, the guys went to see the market and beach, which the ladies did yesterday.  When the concrete line slowed down, the ladies of the team played with some local kids – braiding hair and painting nails. The smiles on the children’s faces were priceless, they have so much love in their hearts and we felt so blessed to get to know them even for a little bit. When all the work was done for the day, we played Velcro catch and then headed back to the guest house for dinner and conversation.