After a lovely start to our morning with pancakes, mangoes, and Haitian coffee we made our way out to the worksite. Our morning was filled with carrying buckets of dirt from the road to behind the church. It was amazing to watch what the Haitians were able to carry compared to those in our group. The Haitians are so strong physically and mentally, they hardly take breaks whereas we have to take breaks often. Haitians truly are not lazy people, they are constantly moving, working, and trying to better their lives, as well as, being kind and compassionate in the way they share their work with us.

For lunch, we were treated to local-fresh lobster and conch, such a treat! The afternoon continued with wire cutting, moving dirt, and starting to make concrete. The ladies had a small break to walk down to the beach and local market too, it

was beautiful! We ended our day with a challenge against the Haitian women on the worksite: carrying buckets on our heads… the Haitians definitely won but we had a blast trying it out! Finished out day with dinner and conversation back at the guest house.