We opened our final day in Malawi with our usual breakfast, coffee and devotional. It will take time to process all that we’ve seen and experienced in Malawi and Zambia. Part of the question I have asked myself is what do I do with the information I’ve gathered?  An easy answer is to continue the work we have researched about water wells and economic empowerment. Greg and I will write specific reports on our water observations and ideas. We will also report back to the broader Economic Empowerment team on what we saw with CCODE’s initiatives around new business formation along with savings and lending groups.

On a personal level we also have to ask ourselves what changes should we make in our daily lives as a result of what we’ve seen. In our first blog we asked how can we come back more loving, joyful, peaceful, patient and kind?  How do we create “tiny habits” to make lifelong changes?  What should those tiny habits look like?  The answers will be very specific for each individual. I plan to wrestle with these issue over the next week or two and lay out an action plan for my own life.