We made it to Blantyre (major city in southern Malawi) late last night and reconnected with Cayce and Carol who were finishing a meeting the leaders of the Malawi United Methodist Church.

This morning we had breakfast on an outdoor terrace overlooking the start of the Great Rift Valley that runs up much of


the east side of Africa.


We met with a second water drilling company in Blantyre. This company claims to be the oldest water driller in the country. They have clearly drilled lots of wells and come with significant experience. We also had a chance to see much of their equipment. We did not get a chance to tour any of their well sites but since they have already drilled wells for the Malawi UMC they already had stronger recommendations.

After the meeting we headed to Lilongwe making a brief  (15 foot pull off the road) side excursion into Mozambique along the way.

Our group met with Alfiado of UMC’s Global Missions group for dinner in Lilongwe. We had great conversations about life in general, Malawi, development projects, local cuisine, etc.