After another great devotional and excellent breakfast at Kiboko’s outdoor restaurant in Lilongwe, we left for Madisi where we attended a Sunday church service. My simple conclusions from the church service: Malawians may be economically poor, but they are spiritually outrageously rich. “Wow” may be the best word I can use to describe the singing, the praise, the joy and just the pure heart-felt emotion during the service. I was moved to tears numerous times and often when I had no idea what was being said.  The emotional experience was that powerful. I have really never experienced anything like it so it may take me time to find the right words to describe the service. 

After the service we met with Chimwemwe who runs the local health clinic. She’s one of the most impressive women I’ve ever met. Her clinic focuses on prenatal care, infant (0-5 year old) care and treatment of HIV+ patients. She has already made a significant contribution to the health of the area and I have a feeling that over time she will make an enormous impact.

Part of Chimwemwe’s message is to plant healthy gardens for salad greens, fresh vegetables, ground nuts (like peanuts) along with moringa trees (counted by some as a “superfood”).  Of course, Greg 

and I loved that message.

We next had a meeting with the church leaders to go over the joint Rez-Madisi programs. They discussed the big successes including building the church and parsonage, backing the Zoe project, funding water wells, developing the demonstration farm and the com


mercial farm, bringing in CCODE, etc.  They discussed their current dreams including developing a primary school (children currently walk up to six miles each way and have to cross the biggest highway in the country with no crosswalks or stoplights to get to school), getting more water wells, buying more land for additional churches and parsonages, buying a maize (corn) mill, etc.  Next was a lunch with the entire congregation – a very enjoyable event!

We finally drove back to Lilongwe arriving shortly before dinner time where we met a civil engineer working for the government about developing a water pond and potentially a fish pond at the Madisi demonstration garden.