We went to Zambia for a safari through South Luangwa National Park. Since this isn’t our trip focus, I won’t write much about it, but I will say it was absolutely amazing. Seeing so many of God’s creatures roaming around in their natural habitat was an experience I do not think I will ever forget.

We took a morning safari tour this morning and again it was amazing. Afterwards we drove back to Malawi where we did a couple of errands for the Madisi church.

In the evening we met with Biswick to discuss permaculture ideas surrounding water wells. He was full of great ideas. Many water wells in Malawi have pits at the end to collect runoff water. Unfortunately, those pits are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and multiple water-borne diseases as well as a hazard for small children who could fall in. Instead of wasting the runoff, could the water be used for banana, morniga, papaya or mango trees?  Could some be channeled into organic gardens?  Could we get more advanced and consider fish ponds, poultry, rabbits, pigs or goats supported by the water wells?  We have plenty to research and consider and Biswick agreed to help us.