2017 Omaha Rez Blue Springs July Serve Trip, Day 2

Today was an enlightening, hot(104) and a hard working day. We spent the morning making 900 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at an amazing organization called Open Door Mission that is doing fantastic things in the community. The PBJ’s were part of a sack lunch that will be passed out in the community for anyone who needs a meal. After that we were able to eat lunch in the shelter along side people in the community. We had great conversations with some inspiring people including a man for Zimbabwe that came to America to be a missionary to us. We toured the facility and learned more about their mission and who they strive to be in the community.

Next we headed to a neighborhood garden that is an anchor point in a community that is the hub of refugees in Omaha. It had become a place of hope and change in the community. We helped set up a farmers market that is a free for people to come and sell their homegrown and handmade items to the community. We were all excited to shower and rest when we made it back to our lodging. Today gave us a lot to think about and reflect on.

What the kids enjoyed today was:

  • Playing in a community Treehouse
  • Feeding some free range chickens Japanese beetles
  • Picking blackberries and eating them
  • Chasing the chickens around
  • Carrying crates outside after emptying them while making PBJ!
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