Today we got to visit Zoe.  Zoe is an orphan empowerment program that was introduced to Malawi by Church of the Resurrection.  It was an awesome program to visit.  We went to 3 of their many locations around the Madisi Circuit.  The first featured a wood working shop that the children learn the carpentry craft and then after they have mastered the craft In turn they teach it to others thru the program.  The second stop to us to a remote garden that they grow a variety of things.  The cabbage was the largest I’ve ever seen!  Lastly we visited another location and we’re introduced to the heads of households that were present.  To clarify this is children raising their siblings, usually this is a teenage child.  The children told us of the various jobs they hold to support their households and how the Zoe program has helped them.  It was quite an amazing program to see first hand.  Before we left we were treated to the children performing some dancing for us…..and of course Doty couldn’t resist the chance to dance as well.

After our visit to Zoe we headed back to the parsonage where we said goodbye to Pastor Francis and the children there before our trip into Lilongwe for the night.  Once we got to Lilongwe, we then had to say goodbye to our new friend Pastor Victor.  It was such a great last three days serving with both of them and saying goodbye was a little hard.  We all plan to stay in touch by email and such till we can meet again someday.  We took a quick walk thru the market before heading out for dinner for the night.