We got up this morning and enjoyed breakfast at Danli Centrale Church and met up with our wonderful translators and drivers. From there, we traveled to El Obraje, a small village east of Danli. We got a tour of the church in El Obraje and spoke with Pastor Alejandro, a Honduran who cultivated the church body in El Obraje and worked hard to ensure the church would have a physical structure. We were pleased to hear about how the faithful in El Obraje once numbered 6 or so and now can be around 50-60. We were also pleased to hear about the community outreach programs Pastor Alejandro has created in El Obraje, from himself and others; a large scale VBS most of the village participates in, a strongmen’s program, and a coffee outreach program where members of the church visit non-members and enjoy coffee with them.

The church itself has a spacious sanctuary, a sports court,

a computer lab and a large corn field; Pastor Alejandro spoke of a possible future addition of a water center and a medical clinic which would both be welcome additions to the village. After that, we participated in an effort with members of the church of El Obraje and helped mix and lay concrete flooring for a home in the community. The family included a 78 year old matriarch that was incredibly sweet as were the rest of the family and most of the Hondurans – many of us made good friends.


We ate in Pastor Alejandro’s home, and enjoyed a walking tour of the village, saying “¡Hola!” to those we met.  The men then went to hear a short sermon given under a tree by Pastor Alejandro and Pastor Hamilton to some of the youth and non-church going adults in El Obraje, and participate in a small evangelistic outreach. The women in El Obraje and the women on the team from 

Resurrection went into the community to plant trees together as a community outreach.  The trees were called pomarosa and are small fruits.  These not only give food to the family, but also shade and helps with deforestation.  After planting trees at each home, the women would join hands in a circle and pray a special blessing on this family.  It’s a beautiful thing to be hand in hand with strangers that quickly become your friends even though the language and culture is so very different between us.  Praying together does something deep inside that bridges any kind of gap.

We then enjoyed a church service at the church, a late dinner, and are eager for the 6:00 am departure time and the travel to Ciudad Espana tomorrow!