2017 July Honduras Team, Day 5

While the chance of rain has been 60%-80% each day, it seems to mostly skip around us.  Today was another day that dawned bright and blue with puffy clouds that turned into thicker clouds as the day wore on.  We saw rainbows today as we did almost every other day, some of them double.  As evening fell, rain storms formed in the distance with lightning lighting up the skies around us, yet only a slight shower fell where we were.  This was similar to our week in that it was filled with joy, laughter, a few tears, and tons of God’s beautiful blessings.

Most of us headed back to Ciudad Espana to help work on the school library and science lab construction again today. Then we were invited to tour the medical clinic and pharmacy.  This is the only clinic serving the whole village and it has been such a blessing over the past 4 years.  We also had time to visit with Amanda who runs the Sponsorship program here.  Many of the students are ONLY able to go to this school and get an education because of this sponsorship program.  It is an investment with a lifelong return.  Some of the team members were able to meet their sponsored children today.  I (Robin) was so excited to become a madrina (This is the term that the children use for their sponsors, it means Godmother) to little Sasha. I was giddy with excitement as her new friend was called to the clinic to hear the good news.  When I first saw my sponsored child I was nervous but soon learned that we both loved laughing, hugging and coloring. As we both bounced up and down in excitement Sasha’s dark curls bounced up and down.  I couldn’t stop hugging her and smiling.  God knew exactly what He was doing when he made this match. I am super excited that I get to play a small part in changing this little girls life with this sponsorship….what I don’t quite realize yet, but know deep down, is that little Sasha will be changing my life as well. There are many other children who are needing sponsorship.  If you are interested, go to cor.org/Honduras for more information.

While most of the team served in Ciudad, Adam remained in Tegucigalpa to continue the “Leading Beyond the Walls” training for the local pastors.  Last night he spoke on leadership and what it meant to be a great leader.  Today Adam talked about how to select sermon series, what pieces are needed to make a great sermon (educational, spiritual, give a “next step”, etc), how to reach non and nominally religious people, what it means to be a welcoming church, and many other topics.  The pastors asked great questions, were highly engaged, and came up with some amazing ideas that fit their churches and their congregations.  I (Sheree) thoroughly enjoyed watching the interaction between each of the participants with Adam and each other, the brainstorming, and the excitement as new possibilities and ideas were placed on their hearts by what can only be the Holy Spirit.  (Side note:  if you are ever on a trip with Adam while teaching, be fully prepared to share the Resurrection Purpose Statement on the spur of the moment in front of a room full of people.  Thankfully all who were asked were able to do so.  Whew!)

The team returned from Ciudad and took quick showers while Adam wrapped up training, then we all headed out to spend the afternoon enjoying a part of Honduras we hadn’t seen yet as part of our cultural day.  We spent an hour in Valle de Angeles doing a little shopping and then drove up to the top of a mountain in St. Lucia to enjoy some coffee and hot tea.  The views were breathtaking overlooking a beautiful little church that sat on the hillside with the city of Tegucigalpa spread out below.  While the cool breezes and exceptional views were fantastic, the laughter and visiting with each other was even better.

We ended our night having a late dinner at Las Tejitas.  It was so much fun seeing a long table of RezLife students eating right next to us with the local Honduran people surrounding us on all sides.

As we pack our bags tonight, our hearts are heavy having to leave this beautiful country and more importantly these beautiful people.  They have touched us to the core and they will not be forgotten.  Adios my friends, until we hug each other again.

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