By Dave MaGee on behalf of the rezlife Honduras team.

Day 1 – 7/23/17 Sunday

The rezlife team arrived safely in Honduras on Sunday. Our flight arrived in Atlanta somewhat late and we walked up to the gate in Atlanta for the flight to Tegucigalpa and were the last ones to board the flight, barely made it!

Upon arriving in Tegucigalpa we had an unusual 2 hour wait in the customs line, but finally got through and went to Pollo Supremo for a great family style chicken lunch. We had the excitement of a flat tire on the drive from Tegucigalpa to Danli, but were able to adjust people and luggage to get to Danli by dinner time. We are all checked into the Hotel Esperanza, had an opening night of worship, picking secret prayer partners, and preparing for our first day of service on Monday!

Thank you for your prayers for our travels, excited to start serving!

Day 2 – 7/24/17 Monday

Great first day of serving in El Obraje today. In the morning the English teams worked on teaching colors at the school while the construction team worked on leveling a floor by removing rocks and wheelbarrowing in dirt and sand at the school toward the goal of putting down a concrete floor.

In the afternoon the crafts team worked with four different 7th and 9th grade classes on rotation making fun pens with flower petals on the end while the spiritual gifts team taught the gifts to those same four classes in rotation.

We wrapped up our work day with a stop at La Colombia grocery store where students got to buy some unique Honduran snacks.

Attached are pictures students teaching gifts in a classroom.  

Day 3 – 7/25/17 Tuesday

Our second day of serving was even better than the first. The construction team mixed concrete all day and finished the floor for a new classroom. The English teams in the morning and crafts and spiritual gift teams in the afternoon got to serve with the same classes again, building deeper connections with the students.

A fun moment tonight was when the other team from Resurrection arrived in Danli just as we were finishing dinner and we got to see Pastor Adam and the other team members. We will continue to see each other in Danli and El Obraje but will most likely work in different projects.

Day 4 – 7/26/17 Wednesday

After our day of service today much of our group went for a short walk to visit a town square type area in Danli where we got to see a beautiful Catholic Church. Here is some of our group in front of the church.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Day 5 – 7/27/17 Thursday

After our day of serving today all of the kids from the school we have been serving at and greater community were invited to a local field for one big soccer game and time to play. While the Hondurans may have won the game (7-0, ouch!), everyone had so much fun and it was a celebration of the community we have built together. See the attached picture and beautiful scenery around the field!

One more day of serving on Friday!

 Day 6 – 7/28/17 Friday

Today was a different day of serving for our team. In the morning we first went to Tracy English at a kindergarten in El Obraje. We then went to a very remote community in the scenic mountains called Las Minas where we sang songs, did crafts, and played soccer. Then this afternoon we went to Quisqualagua UMC where we sang songs and did crafts. A really great way to conclude our time of service! Attached are pictures from each of the 3 sites!

Day 7 – 7/29/17 Saturday

Today has been a fun day as we drove back from Danli to Tegucigalpa. We visited the Christ statue which overlooks Tegucigalpa and then went to Valley of the Angels for lunch and to shop as tourists for a bit. It has been an amazing week!