Today was the first day of serving the Haitian people in our mobile medical clinic.  It felt like all of our preparation and plans were finally coming to fruition.  After arriving on site in the clinic in Petit Goave, we got right to work setting up triage, lab, pharmacy and the doctors’ offices.  And before we knew it we were ready to go!  

The first stop for patients is triage, where their symptoms are recorded and vitals are taken.  If lab work is needed, then they see one of the nurses. By the end of the day it was obvious they had already developed a love for the people they served.  This also had to be true, because between them and the lab, they shared the brunt of the heat, while the doctors and pharmacy had some sputtering A/C to break the swelter! 

The patients kept coming  — all 125 of them —  and we kept seeing them, treating everything from ringworm to pre-eclampsia.  As the day continued on, the sun bore down, and our hearts were full of the smiles of those we came to serve.  This is the reason we’re here!

Please keep us in your prayers for stamina, logistical blessing, and avoidance of any extreme weather!