Today was the teams 3rd day offering clinics in the Petit-Goave area.  They served back at the medical clinic in downtown Petit-Goave.  They continued a medical clinic at the Pastor’s house for his family and neighbors in the area – they saw 22 patients in his home! 

The team had time to make a quit pit stop by the ocean to get a beautiful seaside view of Haiti.

Jill was able to meet with the volunteer leaders of CHE (Community Health Evangelism) to discuss projects they are interested in partnering with Resurrection.  Items like fixing pipes to get water to communities, sheep program for families, teaching families how to make soap and shampoo, etc.   It was great hearing about all of the ways these leaders want to bring better health and sanitation to their communities!

Mary Beth was able to meet with a local Federation.  This is another group of amazing volunteers that are working to make a difference in 

their community.  They have been working with at-risk youth on an art program teaching them how to create sell-able items like notebooks, frames, shoes, etc.