Bonswa!  We had a busy day in the clinic yesterday, seeing over 160 patients, many with acute infections and chronic illnesses  It was a larger crowd than we expected and we were challenged by having only sporadic electricity.  An especially tender moment was seeing a woman carry her friend into the clinic who had suffered a stroke and was having difficulty walking.

In the evening we held a clinic at the guesthouse for the pastor’s family and friends, and treated another 30 people.  A baby girl came who had an abscess on her chest that needed to be drained. Five of us held her still while Dr. Annie completed the minor surgery…on the dining room table!  On medical mission trips you have a lot of “make it work”moments!

There was concern about the roads flooding from Hurricane Maria so we headed back to Port-au-Prince this morning.

This afternoon we visited Papillon Enterprises. Their mission is to create jobs for parents who do not want to have to abandon their children to an orphanage because they can’t feed them.  These artisans create amazing products out of things that are discarded and seemingly unusable.  An on-site day care and kindergarten allows the parents to visit the ir children during the day.

Thank you for your prayers this week as we waited to see the impact of Hurricane Maria.  We are thankful to be safe and well cared for.