2017 Honduras October Men’s Team, Day 2

Our team of five arrived in Tegucigalpa on Friday, late morning, to welcome smiles and open arms from the UMC Mission Coordinator in Honduras, Sandy, and Jorge, our translator for the week.  After a delicious lunch at the amazing, Pollo Supremo, we visited Ciudad España. What an amazing experience! We pulled in to the drive to children waiving and screaming. They gave us a tour of their school and were so full of pride as they did so. We were honored to represent Resurrection and learn about their school, church and the sponsorship program. 

After Ciudad España we arrived at the Mission House to settle in and prepare for our first day of work the next morning.

Saturday morning brought a brilliant sunrise and the start of our work. Our mission here is twofold; work along side Honduran men, sharing our faith with an aim to grow the male presence within the church. And, second, to physically transform a part of the local church. Different groups from across Honduras will join us through the week to work on our project and stay with us at the mission house.

Our location is the Methodist church in Fuerzas Unidas, a small community on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa. Fuerzas Unidas is an area where organized crime and poverty are common. The church has grown as a bright spot of hope and love and has seen an incredible increase of participation.



A team of men from a different church over an hour away joined us at Fuerzas Unidas. We spent the day demolishing dilapidated Sunday school rooms and prepping our work site for the creation of two new rooms to be used for the children of the area.

After our first day, the five of us, along with our Honduran hosts and teammates competed in a friendly game of soccer at a local soccer club. It was US vs Honduras and was a tight game. Unfortunately we fell 17-14.

Our third day was Sunday. We attended church at the Mission House. Pastor Henry and Pastor Rigo delivered a beautiful service that was touching and lively! We felt blessed and honored to be in their presence. The other highlight of the day was traveling into downtown Tegucigalpa to attend the Motagua Professional soccer game. Motagua won 3-1 amongst their passionate and loyal fans.

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