2017 Honduras October Men’s Team, Post 3

On Monday we were blessed with the addition of Pastor Felix and his group of men from Villanueva , Honduras. They traveled 4 hours to be with us. In fact, they left their home and made it half way when their car broke down. They found their way back home, got a new car and made the trip again, arriving well past midnight Monday morning.

The group of us worked a full day at the Fuerzas Unidas church. We made great progress on the school rooms getting all of the walls built. We learned later that Pastor Felix also has had a long career in construction and masonry; which helped considerably!

Another joy, as well as considerable help, is that young boys from the neighborhood have been showing up each day to help us work. It’s fun having them around.

After work we all played soccer again. It was another hard game with US falling 10-8 to the Honduran men. The competition was healthy and it is such a joy to play a game the Honduran’s love so much.

Each night after dinner we have a devotional. We trade off who leads. On this night it was the Honduran’s turn. Pastor Felix gave his testimony to the group. It was a fascinating, heartbreaking and inspiring story. We were blessed to hear him speak and each walked away with new perspectives on the world and our own lives.

On Tuesday we returned to Fuerzas Unidas to continue our work.  The Pastor of the Methodist church in Fuerzas Unidas is named Hector. He is in his mid 20’s. Hector is one cool guy. He is a natural leader who has commanded the respect of the gangs in the neighborhood and the adoration of the women and children who flock to his growing church. He has been a fixture at the work sight, spending time playing and counseling the children, giving us and the entire work team some fun, joking jabs, and lifting the atmosphere of the entire place with his gregarious laugh. It has been an honor to get to know Hector. 

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