2017 Honduras Medical Team, Day 5

Last night when the sky opened up and started to down pour all we could do was watch as the rain took over the streets and villages of the Honduran people. It rained all through the night. When we rose to start the day we prayed that we could still go fourth and serve the Honduran people. All we can say is God does such marvelous things when you truly believe in him! As we headed off to our clinic we passed rivers that were now full, mud slides that happened in the night, and a beautiful make shift waterfall. Not only did we get to serve the Hondurans we got to do something special that deserves it’s own post! So stay tuned…

You never know just how easy we have it. Today was such an amazing day where the Lord truly provided for his children. There is a village up in the mountains that the people have to walk down to get to our clinic. Our team decided to follow the spirit and try to head up the mountain to help these very special people. As we split our team in half and trusted in the Lord we followed the spirit to accomplish the impossible. As the team pulled up in the down pouring rain, there stood the Las Minas people, lined up outside to be seen by a doctor. Most of the village has never been able to have the opportunity to see a doctor. To be greeted with such love, we knew that the Lord truly provided for us. One of the children of Las Minas that our team helped was a little boy that couldn’t hear in one ear for months. As the Doctors looked in his ear they found a crayon that had been stuck in his ear. As the child remained calm the Doctor was able to extracted it from his ear as the child looked at the Doctor he said, “I can hear!”. It might seem like such a small thing to us as we have urgent cares and doctors offices that we can drive to in an instant, but the Honduran people in the village of Las Minas showed such overwhelming love and gratefulness we knew the Lord had guided us to this amazing village of Las Minas.


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