Wow! What an adventure so far. What’s that old saying? . . . Something like “if you want something from God, just plan your own way – He’ll change it to meet His will and desires!” Two days into our mission trip all of our careful planning and scheduling is being stretched to the limits as 6 of our 7 suitcases with supplies are somewhere between Kansas City and Haiti. Time for plan B – which I’m pretty sure is “God’s plan”!

While it would be so much easier to have what we “thought we needed”, we are having to start thinking outside the box. Our leaders, Jill and Bryan are doing a tremendous job making adjustments to be ready to leave for Lacul tomorrow to see what the residents can teach us. It is exciting and sleep will likely be hard as our minds whirl in anticipation of what the day will bring.

Our hosts here at the Pastors house, have made the end of our trip here a blessing already as they had a great homemade stew waiting for us as well as children playing and laughing all evening long. We’ll touch base with all of you again tomorrow. Until then, bon nwit and bondye beni’w – Good night and God bless you!