What a glorious day! Our team had more than 50 residents of LaCul join us on the side of the ocean no-less, to learn about Mid-Wife training and MicroEconomics. Julie led 10 residents and with the help her aide and translator, Angee, taught everyone in the group what to do when delivering a baby. More specifically, what to do the first minute or two after a baby is born to help eventually cut down on the high infant mortality rate in Haiti. It sounds as if the training was a great success and that it helped those that deliver babies become more aware and proficient.

The MicroEconomics gathering was also a huge success with many residents getting very excited to learn a little as to how to start their own business. By the end of the day lively discussion about what a MicroBusiness is, and what kind of business might be possible that is practical, realistic, and would help the needs of their family. Our translators, Rodney and Mitch, did a terrific job conveying the words and meanings from our English language to the residents in attendance.


The highlight of the day though was when 10 goats were given to 10 of the local residents.  This was part of the JOY in Serving program at Resurrection this past Christmas.  Rez families donated $50 for a goat.  The goat is then given to a family in Haiti (we saw some of this today).  They sign a contract stating that the goat they have is on loan until it has a baby goat (kid).  Once weened, the family keeps the kid, and the momma goat will go to another family.   Once the kid grows up into a goat, the goat will help these families from the milk that goat gives, and, if they have more goats, then the family becomes even wealthier due to being able to sell the extra goats.

The residents also built a water purification table out of wood and corrugated metal. The CHE trainer, Solencia, then proceeded to show the attendee’s how the plastic water bottles, when filled with water, will become safe to drink when left on the metal. This is due to the heat of the sun. It is a simple, yet amazing tool to obtain clean drinking water for the families.

Tomorrow we start again in the village of  Meillure Eau. Additionally, children will be there that Mary Beth and Darlene will be teaching. the topic will be associated with stories in the Bible. It should be another fun day with kids laughing and the local residents becoming more aware as to what they can do to help themselves.  We’ll touch base with all of you again tomorrow. Until then, bon nwit and bondye beni’w – Good night and God bless you!