2018 Haiti February Team, Day 4

What a productive day! A 20 minute drive from where we are staying, down a dry river bed and all of the sudden we arrived in a village with a church and school that only those that live there would likely ever find. The day started, as most days have, with something unexpected popping up. Julie, the Mid-Wife instructor and the translator, Angee, had to scramble because when we arrived there were 10 people waiting to be taught about being a midwife. Due to a fluke in the communication, all of the training materials were still at the guest house where we were staying because we had misunderstood and thought that the training was not going to be needed.

So a mad dash back to the guest house was necessary to get the materials needed to teach the class. Keep in mind that a mad dash on roads with boulders in them means about 5 miles an hour! The materials were retrieved and Julie and Angee had the most successful midwife class yet! Wow God works in ways we can never anticipate. 

This stop also included teaching about 300 school children how to wash their hands, brush their teeth and other hygiene related teachings. the children were captivated by Darlene and Mary Beth as both are natural teachers that exude energy and smiles that children can’t seem to resist! Another class on MicroEnterprises was also taught to a crowd of about 30. By the end of the day many were excited to put to use the information they learned regarding how to run a business by themselves on a very thin shoestring budget.

Other training was done as well and another 10 goats were distributed to a few selected from the community. By the time we returned to the guest house we are staying at, all were tired but beaming with smiles from a successful day of creating new relationships and sharing Christ’s love.  We’ll touch base with all of you again tomorrow. Until then, bon nwit and bondye beni’w – Good night and God bless you!​ 

Note:  the picture of the metal table is part of the clean water (SODIS) training.  If you put water in a clean plastic bottle, and let it lie on this metal table for at least 6 hours.  Learn more:  http://www.sodis.ch/methode/anwendung/index_EN



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