2018 Haiti February Team, Day 5

Up, up, up the mountain. Climbing over rocks and other things that no normal car can traverse. What a great day, once again, in this little country! The 15 mile (+/-) drive up the mountain took an hour and a half but was it ever worth it! Once we arrived at our destination, Steve and Bryan taught MicroEconomics, along with the translator Mitch, and the CHE (Community Health Evangelism) trainer from up north (Cap Haitian), Solencia. Julie once again helped midwives become more proficient in delivering babies and making sure what needs to happen in the first few minutes of birth, happens.

Mary Beth and Darlene taught another school of about 80 children how to brush their teeth and wash their hands, wear shoes and other basic hygiene necessities. They also did something new – they told the story that Jesus told (Luke 15) about the lost sheep. After the story the kids all got to make a lunch-sack “sheep puppet”. It must have been a hit as all afternoon I could see children running and playing holding the puppet that they made. Also, ten more goats where given to ten special people of the community and the class on how to purify water was once again given.


Darlene and Mary Beth also introduced a new class that got the entire community excited! They taught them all how to make “toothpaste”! It was a big hit as each one got to take a container of the homemade toothpaste home with them along with a brand new toothbrush. It was a treat for us to see them so excited and it was a treat for them to receive something they normally can’t afford to purchase, but can now make on their own.

That wasn’t the only highlight of the day. As it turns out, there was a man in the village that knew how to melt down metal and then cast the metal into pots with lids. Several of our group took the time to watch him work and it was quite fascinating. He was a “MicroEnterprise” in action within the community. Between this unexpected side story and then Julie drawing kids to her like a magnet, we all came back to the guest house quite fulfilled and honestly – exhausted! Another wonderful day that God led us into – within this beautiful land and people. We’ll touch base with all of you again tomorrow. Until then, bon nwit and bondye beni’w – Good night and God bless you! 

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