2018 Puerto Rico February Team, Day 4


Buenas tardes de Puerto Rico (Good Afternoon from Puerto Rico),

The team witnessed the most amazing double rainbow and they wanted to share it with others, see for yourself above.  The mayor of Arecibo has decided to make a competition out of beautifying the city, so he has challenged those living there to paint murals on the abandoned buildings, here is an example of one such building.  It’s amazing how each of us has the capacity and ability to make things beautiful again by merely using our GOD given gifts and talents to great use.  All we need to do is say “yes.”

Each of the serve trips have a goal in mind, and that is to continue to build GOD’s Kingdom here on this earth.  We may do this through teaching children Bible Scriptures, helping to construct a church building, Empowering Women through training, planting seeds in a garden, the list goes on and on.  But the most rewarding of all is when we build up the body of Christ through fellowship, empowerment and love.  One example of this happened this week, Jerry a team member on the trip currently in Puerto Rico met Nicole at church on Sunday.  A University Student studying creative writing, who considered herself to be a non writer, was encouraged by Jerry to write her story because he felt that if she had a story that she needed to tell it. He shared that his wife Ann was not a writer, an author, a scholar, etc.., but had a story which they were called to share, and they did.  This book “Not Worth Saving” would have never been written if Ann had not received the encouragement, and as a result many lives may never have been impacted.  So we are thankful for the Jerry’s of the world.  When was the last time you encouraged someone to step outside of their comfort zone?  Or when was the last time you thanked someone for encouraging you?  You can also help the Nicole’s of the world, either here locally or by going on a serve trip.

PS  By the way, we have one spot left on the April trip to Puerto Rico and a few spots left in June, for details see www.cor.org/puertorico.

PSS  I hear the food is outstanding!

Dios te bendiga!  (GOD bless you)


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