2018 February Haiti Team, Day 6

What a week it has been! Today we wrapped up our teaching mission in Barrette, which is a community that is only located 20 minutes from our guest house. The community is lush with banana trees and mango trees as it featured its own irrigation system which enabled the trees to get the water they need to flourish. Although the irrigation system is hundreds of years old, and the river appears to be dry, it is a deception as all the water they need flows freely through the system. While the water may not be drinkable, it is used for every other purpose needed and the community believes that it is very fortunate to have it.

For the week we’ve been in Haiti, over 400 children have enriched the lives of a few of the team members this week (Mary Beth and Darlene along with the interpreter, Rodny) and from what I saw, the children’s lives have been enriched as well with both sides having memories that will never be forgotten.

Steve and Bryan along with the CHE trainer Solencia and the interpreter Mitch, helped nearly 200 people better understand how to start a ‘MicroBusiness’. Along the way, Steve and Bryan learned a little as well, as many of the Haitian people already had successful businesses and shared with others their experiences.

Our team member Dr.Julie, successfully taught midwife practices and procedures to over 45 people this week making the delivery of babies safer and helping lower the mortality rate of infants. Her and her interpreter Angee made a great team and developed a bond that I’m sure will never be broken or forgotten.

Our other team leader, Jill, proudly (and humbly) oversaw the delivery of 40 goats to the 4 communities. These goats will help 40 families, and even more as the years go by, to have a better life.

To wrap up the week, one of our CHE trainers, Cribb, was presented a gift of a hand crafted metal pot from the community (Andero) where we served yesterday.  Cribb is getting married tomorrow and the gift was from our team leaders wishing him the best!

To mention all of the people that helped us to do what we came to do would take several pages.  Their willingness to do what needed to be done to ensure success cannot be measured and our expression of gratitude cannot possibly be made in any manner that does it justice. They were wonderful and the relationships and bonds formed between these local experts and our team will not quickly be forgotten. May all teams that serve all over the world, and within our communities, experience the power of God working within them that we experienced this week. It has been a great week that will never be forgotten. Bon nwit and bondye beni’w – Good night and God bless you!

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