2018 Dallas Spring Break Serve Trip, Day 2

We definitely saw God at work today as our mission group family embarked on many adventures. The first was some of us  attending a beautiful traditional worship service at Tyler Street Church, home to one the nation’s largest organs. No video screens (remember hymnals?!) but gorgeous stained glass and a painted dome ceiling–Damien said changing the lightbulbs is fun!  Later all of us attended the contemporary service with a moving praise band we will not soon forget. We missed worshipping at home but the pastor was wonderful and the congregation very welcoming.

After a pizza lunch–thank you Damian!–we made cards for seniors and then headed out to enjoy some sunshine. We walked on the Trinity Skyline Trail–a neat pedestrian bridge with a great view of downtown. It was nice for the kids (and adults!) to get the wiggles out.

At 4, we went back to Tyler St. church to prepare spaghetti dinner for the residents at Tyler Towers independent senior living center. We walked it over to find 30 hungry residents very happy to see us. I think for many of us serving and dining with the residents was a highlight of our trip. It was great to learn their stories, joke around, share recipes, and play UNO. One resident shared some “pink stuff” he had made that day. It’s a delicious dessert we now have the recipe for– maybe it will show up at a church potluck someday soon.

Truly we all experienced the joy of service and community-building today, and cannot imagine spending our spring break any other  way. We felt God in worship, the residents, the sunset and even an eclectic popsicle shop we ventured to after dinner. Thank you Resurrection for blessing us with this trip. It’s hard to believe it’s only been 2 days!

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