2018 Dallas Spring Break Serve Trip, Day 4

Today we returned to Wesley-Rankin for more Mexican bingo, dominoes, food preparation, wellness exercises (go Karie and Ruth!), and gardening. One highlight is the surprising and unexpected ways of connecting with each other, even without words but through games and smiles. We all realized a small act can make a big impact

After lunch, we had a new serve opportunity at City Square (citysquare.org), a holistic outreach program based on health, hope, hunger and housing. It supports a health clinic, thrift store, nutrition classes, job training, and more–even 50 tiny houses for vulnerable people. We had the opportunity to sort apples for the food pantry and walk with neighbors as they selected food. It was meaningful to connect with the people and see their joy and relief as they left with the food.

Throughout this trip, the children played a large role as well–our 5-year-old handed out cards to seniors and as we watched people smile and pat her head, we were reminded anew of the power of a small gesture. When you are around adults all day, just interacting with kids being kids is inspiring.

This was the first time for all of us to go on a serve trip with Resurrection (besides our fearless leader, Karie) and we can’t wait to do another one! We already miss one another.

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