Buenos Dias,

So today’s word is “lluvia” (phonetically it sounds like ju via) and it means rain.  This liquid water that is great for the soil and helps grow plants is truly essential to our being.   There are many uses for water and all of them make an impact on each of us everyday, from the moment we get up to shower, brush our teeth, make that pot of coffee or tea in the morning, to filling our water bottle as we head to the gym.  These are but a few examples and we probably take most of these for granted.  Imagine if we did not have immediate access to water how different our lives would be.  As many as 100,000 individuals on the island of Puerto Rico are still without access to clean water, yes you can still bath without clean water, well most of us could at least.  But not many of us would use water that was not clean for our daily ritual, I for one would be one of them.  Water has and always will be instrumental in our lives as John shares with us in John 4:14, “But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again.  The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”  This water that John refers to, for which dwells deep within us is given to each and every one of us from the highest authority.   So the next time it rains as it did yesterday in Puerto Rico or you turn on the faucet let us all be thankful for this gift, for HE showers us with gifts everyday, we just have to stop and take notice.

The team had the opportunity to paint the inside and outside of the home of a member of the Samuel Culpeper church.  He is disabled and is in need of assistance, he has been so incredibly gracious for the teams help.

The team also had the opportunity to work on the rooftop of the Iglesia Metodista Samuel Culpeper where they removed block walls and pressure washed it in preparation for it to be sealed.  Please continue to keep the team and all those living in Puerto Rico in your prayers!  Hasta manana! (until tomorrow)