Buenas Tardes (bwenasˈtardes) or Good Afternoon,

“Our local church family”, is what the team is referring to the Iglesia Metodista Samuel Culpeper congregation as, what an amazing feeling it has been to feel so welcome that we have all felt like its our church.  Those in the congregation have not only been thankful for the assistance of the team but are readily available and willing to work alongside us.


Pastor Eric has been available to the team everyday, he even delivered supplies to the paint and rooftop crew.  What a blessing to be a part of this congregation, community and island.  You have probably noticed that food has not been mentioned in our posts, that’s because we wouldn’t want you to feel left out of the amazing food we have been eating.  Nothing like a delicious meal after a hard days work, stay tuned you may even get a photo sometime soon.  Look forward to sharing more tomorrow.