Buenos Dias,

Update on the power outage, it appears that roughly 334,000 regained access to electricity as of 8 pm last night.  Although the power is affecting the island as a whole the team continues to have high spirits even without having water this morning to bath with.  They remain hydrated which is essential along with taking breaks and cooling down.  Our team members sometimes ask whether their time serving on our trips truly make a difference.  I can say for certain that it does.  For you see when team members join a serve trip they are exposed to different cultures and experiences that they may not have otherwise.  They get to see firsthand what it looks like when GOD smiles upon them, how it feels to receive an embrace from GOD and most importantly they hear the LORD say “Well done, good and faithful servant!” Matthew 25:23.

What a blessing to have Pastor Eric’s wife Heidi and congregation member Luiz engaged with the team.  They have shared not only their time but sweat equity as well.  Here is the photo of a few team members at the home that they are painting.  GOD truly has provided us with a magnificent color palette, look at the sky and grass, you can just visualize the beauty of the land.


The day ended with the team enjoying a great meal at the home of Mirna who has been preparing all of the amazing meals for the team.  Below is a photo of last nights meal, which included ribs, rice and beans with a potato salad.  Besides enjoying the great fellowship and breaking bread with others they had the pleasure of watching the surf roll into the shore before dusk settled upon them.  You see, Mirna lives next to the North shore where her view is that of the Atlantic Ocean.   Look forward to sharing more about the team, take care and thanks for taking the time to read about what is going on in Puerto Rico.  Bendiciones!