2018 April Honduras Team, Day 2

Daniella got us to church safe and sound through the dusty, winding streets.  The 10:30 church service was amazing and so welcoming.  Some songs were projected on a screen in both Spanish and English. Daniella interpreted Pastor Daniel’s meaningful sermon. He was so sincere and current. He reminded us of how often we are excited, worried, angry, and frustrated about what is going on in the news.  We talk about these things with friends or at work. On the other hand, how often do we talk about Jesus and his love for us?  He challenged us to bring Jesus into our conversations daily.

It was so, so special for our team to walk with Pastor Daniel to his home where his family shared a meal of paella and salad together with 20 university students.

Following lunch everyone sat underneath a mango tree ( see picture below) and shared stories.  We were so impressed with the passion of the university students to continue their education to better themselves and to help their families.  Pastor Daniel gave us a brief art lesson before we painted bookmarks for the students at Juan Wesley.

Back at the Mission House we prepared lessons for Monday, put together teacher bags, and de-briefed about our day.  Toni continues to lead us in devotion time to center our thoughts for our purpose.  We are so blessed with this wonderful opportunity.

It’s only been 48 hours since our team embarked on this adventure.  Already we are family.  We believe we bring together a unique set of talents and experience where we can learn and grow from each other.

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