2018 April Honduras Team, Day 3

Our first day of school was great.  We are all excited—and admittedly a bit nervous to meet our classes. The morning began with a Celebration Assembly for the Spanish language. Through skits, poems, songs, and recitations we were treated to a cultural experience.
We proceeded to our respective classes to teach grades 1 through 12.  It was a wonderful time but we were a bit surprised with their limited knowledge of the English language.  Our interpreters were so valuable to the instruction.  So a big shout out to Jason, Melissa, Jorge, and Daniella.

Lunch was certainly five star—they called it enchiladas but we know the food as tostadas.  It’s also interesting to note that Coke is served at every meal.
Our afternoon activities consisted of painting the computer lab at the school. With 2 rollers and 4 brushes we made good progress.  Tomorrow we will complete the room.

Once again, we were glad to arrive back at the Mission House for dinner , devotion, de-briefing, and lesson planning.  One prevailing theme during our debriefing time was the joy we

experienced in the faces of the children.  Their unsolicited hugs, their willingness to share their food with us, and their smiles gave us pause to reflect on how blessed we are to be able to come to this beautiful country and be with these little gifts from God.

Part of the transformation of our team members has been the sharing of personal stories and reflection on how we have all been cal

led to serve.  We come from many walks of life but we have formed a very tight community.  Our friendships are just beginning. . . we will have more chapters to write with each other.


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