2018 April Honduras Team, Day 4

Today was “The Soccer Match”.  And, we were ready for action!  The teams included: The Juan Wesley Teaching Staff and the North Americans ( that was us).  We placed a respectable second out of the two teams competing and received a 3 liter bottle of Coke and potato chips.  We were sweaty and ready to meet our classes for the day.

As we walked away from the competition, so many students greeted us with good morning, hello, and even shared their names.  So many smiles and hugs.  We felt truly blessed.
The students were very excited to see us and their second day of learning.  The morning went by so quickly.  Many of the upper level students were beginning to develop conversations in English.  We tried to include stories, songs, and grammar lessons in our instruction. The youngest children learned English words for family members, clothing, and occupations.

Today we enjoyed having lunch with several of the teachers.  We celebrated a birthday of a staff member and of our very own Adam.  Then, we were off to paint for the afternoon.  The computer lab is terminador  (Spanish for finished). We are trying to be good examples and learn some Spanish ourselves.
Our evening was full of planning for the devotion we will be presenting to all of the students and staff tomorrow, as well as our final lesson plans.  The three days have gone by very fast and we have learned so much.

(NOTE: this team repeated what every other Resurrection team has done in trip history, and lost the soccer match to our Honduran friends.  With that said, it was all in good fun – the students had a blast cheering on their teachers.  Maybe someday, a Resurrection team will beat a Honduran team.  Perhaps we should start recruiting team members from Sporting KC?)

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