Buenas Tardes,

Today is the last work day for us, we spent time in fellowship with our amazing translator Joey, awesome chef extraordinaire Mirna and Carlos who have been preparing all of our meals.  We were able to finish painting the home of our handicapped friend Eddie, as well as the parking lot and drive way for the church.   Here are just a few photos of our new family.



After yet another delicious lunch, we headed for a beach near the Arecibo lighthouse and ended our day with a final dinner with our church family.  God has been ever present with us during our trip!  We have been so blessed.  And we hope to have been a blessing to our family here.

Along with finishing up the church roof preparation we also removed ceiling tiles, mopped floors, and cleaned up debris.  We are exhausted but joy filled, imagine being exhausted and filled with joy a joy that is so overwhelming that as you say goodbye to your new church family you are truly sad to see it all come to a close.  Tomorrow we head home, and we cannot wait to share all about our experience, hopefully we will be able to convince you to join a team headed to Puerto Rico this coming June or August.   To learn more about our upcoming trips go to www.cor.org/puertorico