We began the day by singing Happy Birthday to Adam.  We know Adam will never forget this day nor will he forget all the experiences that lie ahead of him in Ciudad España.  Adam, may you always know God is at your side.  You have blessed our team with your positivity and desire to make this world a better place.  We will pray for you and we look forward to hearing all about your experiences when you return.

The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want. We could not have asked for a better day.    Our team led the entire school in devotions this morning.  Jane began with a wonderful prayer.  Then Mary Beth retold the story of the Good Shepherd complete with students as darling sheep and caring Shepherds. Our grand finale was Toni leading everyone in a dance to the beautiful song:  Wake.

Our time with each class was cut short because of our program, but we did manage to get in a little teaching of the day’s concepts and then a little fun with games for our last day in the classroom.  We all felt a tug on our hearts when we said goodbye at the end of the class.  We will see the children tomorrow, but they will be presenting their culture to us.

We are getting to be an expert painting team.  We got three walls quickly painted in the second computer lab today.  Brian, the Wesley maintenance supervisor, even called us Rembrandts.

Before we headed back to the mission  house, we took a short drive through Ciudad, so we could see where many of our students lived.
Once we got back, we were all very tempted to take a nap. Instead we all began sorting through our teaching  materials from the week, mainly to find things that Adam will be able to use for the remaining six weeks of his stay.

After dinner we had a wonderful devotion and debriefing. I think we all feel very blessed to be able to have had this experience, as well as questions for our next steps. We have mentioned before how much our team has bonded and how deeply we care for each other.  Another thing we feel so fortunate about is that we have had marvelous translators:  Melissa, Daniele and Jorge.  They are such amazing young people.  They are so open in sharing their lives, their own feelings and more importantly their love of God and how important they think He is in their lives and the lives of others, especially the children.