2018 Obraje, Honduras June Team, Day 3

Good morning Vietnam! We started off the day, like most days, with a wonderful breakfast hand prepared for us.

Afterward we started off our long day playing with some of the local children and installing the ten computers we brought along with us.Thankfully,  none of the computers had mosquito spray spill on them which would have created an infinitely sticky tar that would have far outlived all of us. Unfortunately, there was a major lack of usable outlets, but tomorrow we plan to get those fixed and continue to replace the computers.

After lunch, we started our first day of construction. We originally planned to mix concrete for new floors, but Pastor Alejandro caught wind of news about a local’s house which was half destroyed by the rain 8 days prior to us coming down. We helped to restore the house by moving rocks and sand for concrete and foundation, and enjoyed the company of her dog in the process.


Once we had worked for a few hours we decided to use the rest of our sunlight for a hike. After nearly killing us from exhaustion, the hike offered beautiful views which appear to be straight out of National Geographic.

We ended the day with dinner, ice cream, high quality jokes, and a superb game of Uno.


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