2018 Ciudad Espana, Honduras June Team, Day 2

While the June 2nd team headed off to the airport, our team headed out to Ciudad Espana, about a 1 hour drive from Tegucigalpa.  We will be making this same drive every day for the next 6 days.  We were amazed by the different plants and trees that lived right next to each other.  Deciduous, conifer, tropical, and dessert – all living in harmony together along the way.

Upon arrival, we met with the sponsored students in the primary level and their parents.  They shared with us the benefits of the sponsorship program that ended in enjoying baleadas together (beans, cheese and eggs in a home-made flour tortilla – yum!)  Some of us connected with our sponsored students, were reunited with old friends, and made new friends.

After lunch at Pastor Daniels house, we met in small groups getting to know the university sponsored students.  Listening to their hopes and dreams, we asked them questions, and they asked us questions.  Part or our questions/answer time was to get more information for their student profiles to share with their sponsors.  Some of the university students were in classes so weren’t there, but we were able to get some great information on what it’s like to be a university student in Honduras.

There are 3 tri-mesters at the University.  The students try to take 4-5 classes each tri-mester, and many are trying to graduate early.  While the University in Tegucigalpa is free, they still pay registration fees, transportation, and books.  To get to Teguc from Ciudad Espana, the students typically take FOUR different buses and TWO hours.  That’s just one way.  Often their traveling/day starts at 5am and ends when they return home around 8pm.  These students are working hard to get a higher education to take care of their families and have a better life in the future.  We had a great time laughing together and just fellowshipping underneath the large tree in Pastor Daniel’s yard.  The view was magnificent as it looked out over the valley, but the company was even better!

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