2018 Ciudad Espana, Honduras June Team, Day 3

This morning we headed off to worship in Ciudad Espana.  The music was beautiful, energetic, and spirit-filling.  A few of the members from our team were waved up to dance with the young kids doing motions to the music.  Can you find both of them in the picture???  Pastor Daniel preached about doing whatever God is calling you to do, not what is easy.  That he sent his son to die on the cross for us, and that even at the very end, as he’s dying on the cross, he says, “forgive them for they know not what they do”.  And reminded us that we are called to be forgiving of others and love all people.  He spoke with passion he challenged us to be better people.

After a delicious lunch made by the local church, we met with the sponsored jr and sr high school students and their families and they talked about how the sponsorship program is a game-changer.  That they can only afford to send their child to the public school, but that the education at Juan Wesley is so much better and they have a brighter future ahead by being a part of Juan Wesley.

After a quick trip to Valle, a cute little village in the mountains outside of Teguc to see and purchase some of the local artwork, we returned to the mission for dinner.  This week we will be teaching the Juan Wesley students the same song the kids at VBC at Resurrection are learning, so we practiced the motions to start teaching the kids tomorrow!


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