2018 Ciudad Espana, Honduras June Team, Day 6

Thankfully we didn’t head to Ciudad this morning to get our tushes kicked in futbol, but to lead worship and a devotion.  We began with “Rise & Sing” so that we could send that video off to KC for them to show in VBC, and then we taught the students “Every Beat”; it’s a song that we hope to teach in all of our contexts and piece together to show how we are all brothers and sisters worshiping the same God around the world.  We incorporated some of the moves we learned from the traditional Honduran dance into the song which was a lot of fun!

Robin scripted a skit of Moses, Pharaoh, and the plagues with props including turning water into blood (okay, red Kool-Aid), frogs, lice, dead cows (played expertly by Brooke – I think she may have been born for the part), and other plagues.  The kids did an amazing job chanting “pharaoh, pharaoh, oooohhhh, let my people go… yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” then when pharaoh said “no”, they yelled back, “si”!

Teaching today went well in the classrooms.  I can’t tell you how hard our 4 lead teachers are working to add to the amazing plans and supplies Anne put together for them.  I’ve been able to bop around to all of the classrooms checking in and seeing who needs help, and the students are trying very hard to improve their language, their grammar, and their pronunciation.  There are many smiles and lots of laughter as we laugh at us trying to speak Spanish and the students at themselves trying to speak English.

After school we hit the classrooms to continue painting.  We have more and more kids join us – the older ones paint, and the younger ones sing and chat with us.  Today’s painting ended early due to a tropical storm that blew in unexpectedly, so we scrambled like roaches when the light turned on to load up and leave Ciudad because there is only one road in and one road out, and that road includes a very low bridge that goes over a stream (that becomes a river in downpours).

Once we returned to the Mission House in Teguc, we did our devotion as we waited out the storm.  There is another team here working on the next level of the Mission House.  They are a much smaller team and a little bit older than us, so this morning they had asked if we wouldn’t mind moving a few blocks for them this evening.  Once the rain stopped we jumped in and in no time moved the blocks from the parking lot, up the ramp to the 4th level of the building.  We are a team that works hard and plays hard, so after another wonderful dinner, we played Codenames, which was apparently a tad stressful for our team leaders…

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