2018 Haiti June Team, Day 3

Today, we went back up the mountain! We spent the day in Ravine Seche painting the inside walls of the new Methodist church. Although we know we’ll need a few (or more) coats, we called the day a success. There were lots of locals from the surrounding community at the church helping with the project, which blessed us as much as we werehelping them.

Lots of local children came over as well, after hearing the rumors of a soccer ball. After receiving it, they legitimately ran down the steep mountain path towards the riverbed to play. They are quite talented, especiallycompared to our mediocre attempts at kicking a ball… We also played with bubbles and balloons and created balloons out of surgical gloves. These kids bring so much joy to our team!

After our day’s work was done, we said goodbye and headed down the mountain back to Petit-Goave. It was a great feeling to know what we’re working on for the week, and that we’re working alongside some amazing people. We finished the day off with a delicious dinner and a discussion with Wes about Heart to Heart’s work with microfinancing and federations in Haiti. We’re sleepy and ready for a well-earned rest, excited for the days to come!

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