Today was the first day we were all able to visit the Ditshego preschool! Maria (the principal), the staff and the children were so friendly and welcoming! Some of the group spent the morning helping with breakfast and other morning routines, and some of us were able to snuggle up or play with the kids. After breakfast the kids began painting an art project where our team members assisted.

When the students finished art, it was time for our team to tour Mooiplaas. Following the lead of Isabel (the director of Ditshego) and Funi (a social worker), we were able to visit a housing community in which the focus was on taking care of its elderly residents, another preschool in the community, and Ekuphumuleni community gardens. The gardeners from Ekuphumuleni were also skilled craftsmen who sold handmade items.

The afternoon was spent back at the Ditshego plot, which is a small walk from the preschool. Our group’s skills were utilized in many different ways: teaching computer skills, teaching ELL, tutoring a student, reorganizing and moving office supplies to help increase efficiency. We feel so blessed that we are able to help this community in any way possible!