Today was a full day of working with the teachers and staff of Ditshego. We began by helping with a bubble art project followed by a preschool lesson and obstacle course. The kids had a great time and we had even more fun watching them as well as trying some of the activities. The Ditshego teachers are doing an amazing job teaching their students. It has been a blessing to see them share their lessons and love with the kids.

After lunch, the last group of teachers had time to learn computer skills and have ELL classes. One teacher shared that a miracle had happen after her computer lesson yesterday. She went home and was practicing the computer skills she had learned. Her husband was so impressed that he asked her to teach him. She said it was a miracle because he was learning from her new knowledge.

We ended the day by attending the VBS program at our partnership church. The West View students hosted a great night with worship, songs, games and treats. We are going to have a very difficult time saying goodbye tomorrow!