2018 Haiti June Team, Day 6

Today was the day of the dedication! What a joyous day it was. As we headed up the mountain one final time, an ominous storm cloud rolled in and rain started to fall. Our interpreter Rodny mentioned that God was doing His dedication, and baptism, before we did ours! Eventually the sun came out and it was a bright day.

The service was beautiful and the church was filled to overflowing! Scott had the opportunity to address the church, thanking the workers, the pastors, the congregants, and all who had poured into making the church a reality. The music was very uplifting, and the joy with which it was sung was contagious! After the service, we were overwhelmed with the warmth of everyone’s hugs and handshakes and kind words. We were even invited to share a meal with them as part of the celebration!

Tonight we’re back in Port-au-Prince, preparing to go visit our Compassion children tomorrow!

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