After an exciting morning in church, which included lots of singing and dancing, the team started to set up for the afternoon clinic. The ladies of the church cooked a community meal which was enjoyed by everyone. Clinic was busy for the fe

w hours we could work ( due to availability of light). A few patients needed to be referred for surgical consultation. And we met a few young people who have suffered from recurring malaria, a concern that the medications used are not as effective at this time. The team enjoyed working together, meeting people and were blessed in many ways. An early start Monday to work with the Malawian medical team and to see our old dear friend Mercy!    

Since we have 2 teams in Malawi, our second team has been involved in the Madisi farm and gardens.  They are getting a tour in this pic, but have spent the day planting 2 gardens including onions, rabe, Chinese cabbage, and lemongrass.  Everyone is doing great (but they are struggling getting wifi to get us updates) so we only have minimum information.