2018 July Malawi Team, Day 5

Today was an incredible day!  The medical team saw over 150 patients, from very young babies all of the way to the elderly in Mbayo. The teamwork with our Malawi partners is developing nicely.  The sweet kids loved bubbles, coloring sheets and having their picture taken.  Tonight we are back to repacking medications for our pharmacy.   You probably don’t want to hear this with the weather you are having but we are cold.  Temps in 50’s.  Mary Beth is dreaming of a fire and some hot chocolate.

The Blue Springs team felt the presence of the Holy Spirit as we gardened these past two says with the women, children and Chief’s of four villages. We were blessed to be a blessing to almost 400 families. The arrival into each village was a beautiful ceremony. As the bus arrived, the women began singing a song of welcome, as they danced in celebration. The Chief of each village greeted us and spoke about his hopes for the work we were to do that day. And then, we went to work. Despite differences in culture and language, we united as neighbors, and we created amazing vegetables gardens that can be sustained for seasons to come. The hard work of the women of the village was incredible. Joyfully, and oftentimes with babies on their backs, the women plowed and planted the garden. When the work was difficult, the women sang in harmony to lift our spirits.

God’s love was present in the children’s faces as they played and watched us work. God’s love was present as village women showed us how to use our farm tools to garden. And God’s love was present as we all looked at our completed project with pride. Although we head back to our lodging each night both exhausted and sore, we also feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to know God has employed us to do his work.

While Mark spent some quality time with the kids, Penny attempted to carry water on her head – perhaps she can practice doing this during her next sermon?

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