Thursday the teams went to visit Zoe.  For those unfamiliar with Zoe, it’s an empowerment program for vulnerable children (oftentimes orphans) that lasts approximately 3 years.  Resurrection partners with the Zoe organization that teaches life skills as well as vocational skills.  It’s amazing how these children and teens come up out of abject poverty to be self-sustaining.  The most important part of the program though is it creates community, they teach faith and grow together, and become life-long families.  The family working group they visited is one sponsored by Rez Blue Springs.  They toured one of their gard

ens, and were shown how the Zoe kids built a foot pump to irrigate their garden and they let some of the team try it out – so much fun!

The Zoe group was very happy to have visitors and encouragement.  They also got to visit the barber shop and the “Big 4 Tailor” shop where they use foot operated Singers to stitch and make their clothing.  All of these businesses are being run by Zoe participants.

The medical team saw 60 more patients at the church in Madisi.  It was a great experience to

be able to provide care for the wonderful people of Malawi and a huge blessing to work alongside Malawian medical professionals and volunteers that made this all possible.

Friday the teams crossed the Zambia border heading to Safari.  As they traveled, they reflected on their time in Malawi and were so thankful for the experience – both serving in the gardens, but also connecting with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ on the other side of the world.  The time spend was extremely meaningful and they are so thankful for all of the work that Hugo and others did to make it possible.