2018 July Rez Life Team Update 2

Good Morning Families! We got great news on Tuesday morning as we found out that at least temporarily the transportation strike was suspended and the road to El Obraje was open! Our teams went to El Obraje in the morning, saw Pastor Alejandro, and then two teams went to the school to teach English to 1-3rd graders and to 4-6th graders while the construction team went to a family house and put down a concrete floor in a room shared by two young sisters. There was much joy as the team first showed up at the school as many of the students remembered some of the team members from last year. After lunch at the pastor’s house, the team returned to the school and in three different groups led a Vacation Bible School lesson on Zaccheus, led a group teaching dances and cheers, and had a group playing soccer. Then the team stayed for part of a special presentation at the school about celebration of the Lempira, which seemed to be recalling important Honduran historical tribes. I believe it is a nationwide celebration and had gotten delayed in some areas by the transportation strike. We are hearing the strike will still be suspended on Wednesday and thankfully expect to return to El Obraje again.

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